August 21, 2011

Who Am I Meant to Be?

After responding to the statements that's shown on, I discover my striving style, learn what to do if it's backfiring from neglect, and find ideas to guide my life in the direction that it was meant to go.

I am a leader: I approach everything as though I were born to be in charge. Confident, assertive, and decisive, I know what I want and I go after it. I also look out for family, friends, and community—I feel I know what's best for them—and have no fear of confronting anyone who challenges my ideas. Taking the driver's seat, I also generously donate time and energy to people and neighborhood projects.

What to watch out for: When I feel threatened, or others refuse to go along with my agenda, I can become confrontational and domineering, sometimes to the point of being dictatorial. Practice letting someone else takes charge on occasion. Also try meditation; it can help me become more aware of my controlling impulses and ease the anxiety that may be provoking them.

Looking ahead: I discover my purpose when I take control of my environment. For me, finding a decision-making role is key. That could mean anything from producing a play to spearheading a global campaign for something I care about. In work, I'm suited for leadership positions in education, government, industry, finance, religious institutions, or politics. But I can find satisfaction anytime I'm given the autonomy to do things my own way.

Decisiveness and authority come easily to my type, so I work best in leadership roles:

  1. Restaurant manager

  2. Healthcare administrator

  3. Sales director

  4. Teacher

  5. Political consultant

  6. Marketing manager

  7. Advertising executive

  8. Politician

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